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Artist in Residence

Artist In Residency Programs

Residencies are modeled after professional development best practices in mind.  Each will typically include professional development for staff involved, demonstrations of techniques with students,  planning with teachers, coaching, mentoring and reflecting as teachers practice strategies and skills within  their classrooms.  Residencies can range from several days to several weeks.  Drama, visual arts, critical thinking, anti-bullying are all topics that can be expanded from individual workshops into residencies.

Drama residencies can focus on drama strategies to strengthen literacy.  Through drama students can understand plot elements, conflicts, character relationships, and be engaged in the literature at a higher level.  As well, they can learn to create stories and improve their understanding of narrative elements.  A variety of techniques can be used as well to create enactments and history that comes alive.  Poetry and playwriting can be another creative result of using drama strategies that are easily learned and implemented in a classroom.

Visual Arts residencies can include skills and strategies in teaching arts in elemenatary schools: Ideas and projects that include a scope and sequence of arts elements of color, line, shape, form, texture, value and space as well as elements of design.  These residencies can focus on introducing new mediums, new methods or arts projects that include multicultural art projects or hand made books or maskmaking.  Choose from a variety of art activities to integrate with themes or humanities units.

Arts Integration Toolkit residencies introduce the leading research in the integration of the arts while teaching simple strategies in drama, critical thinking through art interpretation discussions, movement and music.  Resources and strategies for planning arts focused instruction allow schools and teachers to begin their arts integration journey with confidence and immediate success.


Imagine! Think! Create! Innovate! Arts Are The Answer.

Arts engage, and improve critical thinking. Arts give students a way to show what they know. Research shows imagination, creativity and innovation are the future

Arts Are The Answer promotes the arts in all sectors of our society. Learning in and through the arts is beneficial for all learners and increases student achievement through engagement and student enthusiasm.

Research shows arts in schools increase students achievement in many ways. See the research and studies with schools that have infused the arts. . .

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