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Remember, workshops and institutes can be customized to meet your needs.  For more information contact us for session descriptions and objectives. Contact:        Arts Are The Answer, 3104 30th Ave SE, Puyallup, WA 98374


Arts Integration—The How, What, and When? From the research and foundations of Arts Integration and Basics of Developing Higher Level Thinking Skills as well as Creativity, Imagination, Innovation through the arts; to the development of lessons and implementation of a multiple year program, our workshops are layered and customized to your needs. Our Methods teach how to integrate art forms with common core standards, 21st Century Learning, and critical thinking skills.  A variety of skills and methods are demonstrated and teachers learn skills in a variety of art forms based on needs o fthe school or district.

Drama and Literacy–  Workshops using drama strategies of frozen pictures, hot seating, role playing and many more to increase cognition, character relationships, plot and theme and increase writing skills about literature.  Also a variety of theater-in-education techniques are demonstrated and teachers learn through hands on, engaging work how to increase imagination, creativity and thoughtful discussions and reflection.

Drama and Reading– Drama can engage learners and provide ways for students to show what they know in reading comprehension, develop communincation skills and understanding of literary elements such as plot, character, conflict and more. Strategies are taughtthrough hands on, engaging workshops for teachers who have had little drama background; as well as more advanced drama strategies.

Integration of Puppetry, Improvisation and the Making of Plays – Workshops use drama strategies to tie into more content areas, connecting History, Non Fiction, Visual Arts and Culture exploration. Multiple entry points and practice increase communication skills, writing and thinking skills.

Anti-Bullying arts integration techniques  and strategies to make students aware and able to practice how to stop bullying. Students are armed with strategies and practiced conversations empowering them to have the tools they need to intervene in bullying situations.  Drama, writing, and visual arts are combined in a very powerful workshop for teachers, counselors, administrators and those who work with students on a regular basis.

Drama and Character – Workshops using drama strategies provide teachers with ways to develop social skills and character in students. Decision making, and social issue implications can be taught through theatre-in-education techniques.

The Arts and Critical Thinking—Understanding and viewing quality arts provides an avenue for strategies to build critical thinking skills.  Through a variety of protocols students learn to draw conclusions, make inferences, provide the evidence for their conclusions, compare and contrast, sequenceand categorize, all through discussions around the arts.  These workshops explore a variety of techniques and ways to improve students thinking through the arts.



Team Building through the Arts – Corporate or educational team building using the arts to play games and build creativity, problem solving, innovation and thinking.

Imagine! Think! Create! Innovate! Arts Are The Answer.

Arts engage, and improve critical thinking. Arts give students a way to show what they know. Research shows imagination, creativity and innovation are the future

Arts Are The Answer promotes the arts in all sectors of our society. Learning in and through the arts is beneficial for all learners and increases student achievement through engagement and student enthusiasm.

Research shows arts in schools increase students achievement in many ways. See the research and studies with schools that have infused the arts. . .

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